‘The Night Shift” season 3, episode 2 review: Drew dodges a bullet, Kenny helps Topher get healthy

The Night ShiftOn the season 3 premiere of “The Night Shift” we saw what looked like Drew getting shot while in surgery, but was it him that got shot or his assailant? We want answers and a week was one heck of a long time to know what happened to him!

So we jumped right into the thick of things with Drew and thankful he’s not the person shot, so everyone can get back to saving the mother and unborn baby. Jennings and Drew have a very different views on how to deal with the pregnant mother, and her controlling husband, but with the General breathing down her back Jennings is pushing to get the mother better, the baby delivered and out of their OR. The mother’s bother shows up saying that once she delivers the baby he can get them both safely away from  her husband and after performing a impromptu c-section Jennings and Drew help the mother, baby and brother escape. So how bad is this going to be for Jenning and Drew when they face the General? Drew’s tour is over and he’s being sent home early and Jenning can no longer go home when she was supposed to and her tour is extended three more months. Not only can Jennings not get home for her daughter’s birthday, but she learns that her ex is getting married.

Topher wants to get back on the field (or at least feeling better then he does now) and Kenny has offered to help get him on a healthy path, starting with making Topher give up all the junk food he eats and take the stairs over the elevator. Kenny has a fitness tracker on Topher and is catching him doing everything he’s not supposed to, so he pays Ray to wear the tracker for him. Kenny quickly figures out what’s going on and catches Topher outside smoking. We know that quitting bad habits is hard, but Kenny giving up on him seemed to be the motivation he needs to give his head a shake and really get on track with this healthy change. Kenny on the other hand faces a break up with Gwen as she gets accepted to a program that takes her out of town.

TC and Jordan are still trying to save the life of a child (who they later find out was kidnapped years before at a movie theater!), and even though these two have some pretty serious personal problems with each other right now, they still work together in seamless beauty. Back at the hospital, Jordan is still getting asked out by a parade of men, but isn’t accepting any dates at this point (but Shannon is trying to help set her up with a cute fireman named Sam). We also saw, Annie, tries to apologize for everything she did to Jordan and that because she’s volunteering at a halfway house, Annie will be in the hospital here and there. Later we saw Scott at an AA meeting and he sees Annie there!

With a show that’s as serious as “The Night Shift” can be at times, we really enjoyed Topher and Kenny’s story tonight, especially since Topher’s struggle to change bad habits is something that many of us struggle with in real life. It’s nice to see that even though he slipped off the wagon, he found his way back and we hope to see him on the field again by the end of the season. Episode grade: A-

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