‘Game of Thrones’ season 6, episode 6 reaction: It’s time to bring Arya Stark back


Arya -

Through much of the past season and a half on HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” we’ve seen one thing really consistently when it comes to the Arya Stark character: A lot of training. She’s fought and fought and fought to secure a place with the House of Black and White, but how well has that really worked for her? Has it worked for her at all? These are questions that the show clearly wants you to ask, and we’re still waiting to get some answers.

What we do know at the moment is that nobody in Braavos seems that eager to help her anymore. She disobeyed orders for the second time on Sunday’s new episode, opting not to kill someone who she deemed was not worthy of death. In turn, she may face death herself.

Can she escape from this? We have to assume so, mostly because this is Arya Stark we’re talking about! If there is anyone we’ve seen with a real knack for getting herself out of pickles, she is it. Yet, we hope that in the process she can find a way to escape Braavos and reconnect with some other characters. Other than giving her a temporary purpose, just how much has this story mattered compared to some others? There better be a way to really pay this story off, and have us looking forward to what the remainder of this particular story holds. If it ends up with Arya in the Riverlands targeting Walder Frey, we’ll be happy. If she just ends up being a lower-tier member of some other mysterious organization, not so much.

So far this season, Bran Stark has developed his powers, and Sansa is standing on her own two feet more so than ever before. It’s time for the Arya story to truly find its footing, as well, and her fleeing / destroying the House of Black and White could be a start.

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