MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 5 finale review: Learning is fundamental

While we did discuss the possible series finale of “Awkward” earlier this week, we realized that we have not really given it much of its due when it comes to a creative perspective.

So did the show accomplish everything that it set itself out to do? We’re a little mixed on that, mostly because of the mixed messages when it comes to the Jenna / Matty relationship. For much of the series, it’s been taught and reinforced time and time again that these two should be together. In the finale, we saw maturity out of Matty in letting him see her go back to college without any further drama. Sure, there’s a nice message with that, but for all of the years of this show, we feel like viewers did want to see the two of them together at some point. Not having that happen was a little bit of a letdown.

Elsewhere, the show did make some big, welcome moves. While we don’t necessarily want to see Tamara suffer, having her get some comeuppance from her spending ways was appropriate, as was giving her an opportunity to really bounce back and get some redemption for herself. Jake also moving on with his life after that “gap year” proved to be some necessary evolution in his own way. Lissa is continuing to learn more about how she doesn’t want to be a “Palos Hills mom,” and we think that over the course of the past ten episodes the writers have really done a great job when it comes to character development here.

Now, let’s talk Sadie and her own progression. We never really saw the car crash here as necessary, mostly because she was never a complete villain in our eyes in need of some sort of karmic retribution. Instead, she was representative of a certian type of person out there who has her good qualities, but just isn’t someone you rely on. For us, this felt like too big of a stunt, and an incomplete end of the story.

We do hope there is a season 6 to resolve some of the Jenna / Matty and Sadie issues; as it is, this was at least a solid end to season 5 with some humor here and there. Grade: B-.

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