‘Britain’s Got Talent’ final review: Wayne Woodward, Craig Ball, Alex Magala, and more perform

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We’ve made it to the final episode of “Britain’s Got Talent” this year, and over the course of tonight’s final, twelve acts (including the two wild cards) are going to take to the stage hoping to impress all of Britain enough to get that spot at the Royal Variety. this is a long installment of the show, but one stuffed full of performances, guests, surprises, and hopefully a worthy winner at the end of it all.

Over the course of the night, you’re not going to want to leave this article! We’re going to be updating this throughout with takes on the acts, and then at the end of the night, we’ll be creating a separate article for the sake of the results. Stay tuned!

Balance Unity – Hot take: We think that Balance has a future in the entertainment industry, but it may not actually be as a dancer. We think his real power is with his charm and his humor, and that makes us wonder if he has a future when it comes to TV comedy. If someone gets this guy in a comedy show down the road, we think he’ll be a huge asset to have around. His moves are solid, but above all else, he’s a creative, energetic guy.

Richard Jones – Richard was our pick to win going into the final, and it was a testament of British pride. We’re torn on the act itself, and it’s hard to criticize given the fact that it was just a tribute to the military. Yet, the presentation wasn’t perfect thanks to a mess-up with card placement near the end, and while the trick itself was nice, it wasn’t anything that is completely new to the final of a show. Emotionally, it was his best performance, but not when it comes to magic.

100 Voices of Gospel – They do mashups now! What was lovely about this is that for the first time all season, we saw them become something more than just a really great church choir. They performed everything from a classic to “I Gotta Feeling” from the Black Eyed Peas. Vocally, it was fantastic, but to go along with that there was so much joy and excitement on the faces of the performers.

Alex Magala – Love the act. It’s dangerous, intense, dramatic, and everything that you would possibly want from this sort of performance in the final. regardless of if we’ve seen him do some similar things before, what he does takes so much training and preparation that it is remarkable that he is able to actually do this in the way in which he does. Now that we’ve said that, we worry that his whole “I know what you want” speech, which was a little odd, may hurt him in the vote.

Mel & Jamie – Not to be mean to the mother / son duo, but we’ve said for some time they they really weren’t as strong as the other finalists. This performance proved it. The two are sweet and have a nice relationship, but neither one of them have what we’d consider to be an A+ singing voice. Both of them are in the B or B+ range, so we see them finishing outside of the top five and a non-factor later on tonight.

Shannon & Peter – Another touching, heartfelt performance from the two of them, but we do feel for them given that there was only so much time thanks to them being a wild-card act that they could really practice and prepare for any of this. They really had to scramble to put something together at the last minute, so nothing really stood out in comparison to what we’ve seen so far.

Jasmine Elcock – This was rather lovely. Jasmine kept things simple, and allowed her words to really shine through as she gave a rounding rendition of the classic Cyndi Lauper tune “True Colors.” It may be swallowed up by some of the bigger and bawdier acts on the night, but it was remarkably subtle in a way we don’t always see on this show. This was, by far, her best performance on the show.

Trip Hazard – Could a wild card act actually win? Going into this, we didn’t think that the dog had a shot at this at all. They may not. Yet, Trip Hazard showed us some new tricks, and gave us one of the most clever routines we’ve seen from a dog act. The superhero story here was also a nice touch, and giving the dog a cape just added to the cuteness factor times a thousand.

Beau Dermott – Another sensational performance! Now that we’ve said that, we do have to throw out there that we never really love it when a singer comes out and just performs the same song that they did in the audition, especially since this is only the third time that we’ve heard them. Beau does have competition from other singers tonight, but who knows? We do think she is a serious contender for the title.

Craig Ball – The singing impressionist is a lot of fun, but if we’re going to dock Beau in our books for coming out and doing roughly the same thing she did in the audition, we have to do the same for Craig. Also, on a couple of occasions it seemed like he actually forgot what impression he was supposed to do next, and had to turn around to see on the screen who was supposed to be coming up next. Not his best number.

Boogie Storm – Really fun. They’ve shown now through several performances that they’re not just a gimmick that has made it so far through “Star Wars”; they are legitimately good dancers with fun choreography and interesting ideas. The only thing that was almost as fun as this performance itself was hearing Amanda Holden do her part to critique them as though this entire routine was canon to the great “Star Wars” universe.

Wayne Woodward – First of all, really nice suit on Wayne! Also, cheers for him for not just singing something he’s done on the show before. We’re not really sure that he had the vocal range for “Feelin’ Good,” but he delivered it with enough charisma for the most part to make up for any vocal deficiencies. It was a nice way to close the show.

Who will win – Wayne! He performed last.

Who should win – Alex. There’s NOBODY out there who can do what he can.

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