Should ‘Blue Bloods’ season 7 be show’s last? How long it can stick around

Blue Bloods season 7In so many ways, “Blue Bloods” is precisely the sort of underdog show that we love to root for. Yes, we do understand that it may be somewhat strange to call a series with an audience as enormous as it has an “underdog,” but when you think about it, it’s largely true. Beyond this site, how many other places do you see talking about this show regularly? It’s not many. It has lasted for six years on the strength of a diehard following, smart writing, and an appealing cast that reminds us of an era gone by in TV.

Earlier this spring, the show was renewed by CBS for its seventh season, which is a pretty remarkable achievement given that it is still the most-watched show on Friday, and at times it even rivaled “Shark Tank” this past season in the 18-49 demographic. All of this suggests that “Blue Bloods” should be on for many years to come, right?

Well, there are some issues long-term that need to be looked at here. The longer a show lasts, the more expensive it can be to film. Salaries increase, and this is a series that already films in a fairly expensive place in New York. Also, story-wise you always have to wonder how much is left in the talk. The great thing about “Blue Bloods” is that it does often take inspiration from the headlines and the political climate, and sense there is never a shortage of that, maybe it won’t run out of gas soon.

Personally, we could see there being another couple of seasons left in the show at least, but given how quickly things change in this industry, we’re entering season 7 preparing to enjoy it more or less in the moment. We’re grateful it’s still here, and we’re excited to see what the producers have in store for us next. We’ve got a poll below this article; there, you can let us know if you can see “Blue Bloods” lasting for a while longer.

(Photo: CBS.)

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