‘The Blacklist’ season 4: James Spader measures up Red’s reactions

The Blacklist logo any seasonWe’re not going to be getting any more new story on “The Blacklist” until we roll around to September, but why let that stop us when it comes to talking about the show? There are many interesting discussion points to cover over the course of the coming months, and one of the biggest ones is rather simple: How is Red going to cope with the fact that Liz Keen deceived him in such a way?

With the help of Mr. Kaplan and others, Liz was able to effectively fake her death, and escape all the way to Cuba in order to try to start a new life. Eventually both Tom and their daughter Agnes joined them, though their bliss was rather short-lived when Alexander Kirk tracked them down and revealed to her that he is, supposedly, her father. (We’re not sure we 100% buy it yet, since he has not established himself as a reliable character just yet.)

So is Red going to flip out over all of this? Not exactly. As James Spader tells Entertainment Weekly, he may be a little more measured and calculated than you would think, given the circumstances:

“He’s not insensitive to the fact of what she’s going through in her life right now and he’s aware of her knowledge of his feelings about all of it, and he’s made that plain … I think he would have an understanding for what led to this.”

Basically, we’re not sure that we’d call Red “sympathetic,” but he does at least realize why Liz would want to get away. Is he going to care enough to stop his own plans? Probably not, since from his perspective he is “protecting” her, while operating under the guise of the same sort of mysterious agenda he typically adheres to.

We’ll hopefully learn more on “The Blacklist” season 4 over the course of the summer. Stay tuned…

(Photo: NBC.)

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