‘The Flash’ season 3: How could Black Flash work?

Black Flash -

There are so many reasons why “The Flash” really is head and shoulders above the majority of everything else in terms of superhero TV. One of the largest ones, though, is that time and time again, you get evidence that the writers really do care about this show and the source material deeply. They honor it, and they do so in surprising, fun, and engaging ways.

In the latest bit of evidence of this very thing, we had the not-so-subtle Easter egg during the season 2 finale regarding the birth of Black Flash out of the “death” of Hunter Zolomon a.k.a. Zoom at the hands of the Time Wraiths.

While the idea of Black Flash has not been established as anything on the show to date, in the comics he is almost the Grim Reaper for Speedsters. Given the way that the show has described the Speed Force already, there is this terrifying idea now where he is lurking around in here somewhere, waiting to bring Barry or any other speedster to their end. As pictured above, the costume is now clearly there for the character to be present.

How do you introduce him? Really, there’s no hurry. Given that you can do such an elaborate makeup job to emulate this character, there’s no guarantee that you never need Teedy Sears back to play the character. (That’s a great thing, given the sole fact that he has “24: Legacy” and presumably will be rather busy. Just have him serve almost as an Easter egg that turns up in the future when Barry is in danger. There’s no need for him to be a Big Bad, mostly because there are so many other characters who can fit that mold.

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