‘Power’ season 3 trailer: Can Jamie really leave Ghost behind?

There was a reason why the “Power” season 2 finale was entitled “Ghost is Dead”; in so many ways, it marked a chance for Jamie to move on beyond that persona, try and find a new life, and avoid some of the corruption and the pain that he had brought on upon himself over time.

However, what the first trailer below really reminds us of more so than anything else is that regardless of whether or not he really wants it to be the case, Ghost is very much still alive. Not only that, but this is a character still facing all sorts of trouble. He cannot escape his own ghosts, and the people who want him dead and buried. Survival is going to be the name of the game in part this season, and specifically, one of the biggest challenges he encounters is that much of his support system will have splintered and crumbled into pieces. he’s going to need to be smarter, sharper, and more resourceful than ever before to stay afloat.

Also, we have a feeling that matters between him and Tommy may come to a peak even more than ever before on this coming season. With where they left off, we’re not sure that there is any other way to interpret this.

If you did miss it, the show is heading to Sunday nights for its new season, and you’ll have a chance to see it starting on July 17. We don’t love the move personally, but we understand Starz and their thirst for a bigger audience.

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