‘Chicago PD’ season 3 finale reaction: Show boss on Voight aftermath, Roman’s decision

Chicago PD -There were effectively two major events that played out over the course of the “Chicago PD” season 3 finale: Seeing Roman opt to exit the job after it was revealed his injuries were too severe for him to be out on the streets, and then also Voight opting to murder the man responsible for the death of his son Justin. He went “eye for an eye,” and in the process devastated Lindsay, who tried up until the last minute to keep him from embracing the darkness.

How does this show bounce back from that? Will Voight’s actions divide the team? The early reaction would be someone trying to turn him in for his actions, but with this show, it’s fair to say that this could be far more complicated. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in a postmortem, executive producer Matt Olmstead suggested that this event, odd as it may seem, may bring the team more together than tear them apart:

“What happens in the finale is a major, major event; it’s a criminal act. But you have individuals in the unit looking at it not as someone from Internal Affairs looking at it because they’re not in Internal Affairs. They’re looking at it as a father or in Halstead’s case, someone who was at war and saw atrocities there and had certain reactions to avenging losses of people he was close with. And you have Lindsay, who is close with Voight and considered Justin a brother and so going forward, it’s not a unit and by extension a television show, that is stumbling. It’s not fractured, it’s actually a galvanizing event for the unit in that they put themselves in Voight’s shoes and what would you do? They’ve got a job to do. We’ve touched on what’s going on in Chicago and Chicago is going through a lot. This isn’t a show that is [about] a murky unit that is corrupt or a fractured unit that is about these separate alliances. This is a show about an elite unit that exists in Chicago, the Intelligence Unit. While you may have detectives or uniforms in other departments who are reluctant to get involved and reluctant to make an arrest because there are lawsuits, you have this unit where more than ever, you need them to defend the city, to protect the city. That, ironically or not, is heightened going forward. It’s not fractured.”

As for the departure of Roman, Olmstead made it clear that it was left open for him to return at some point down the road if Brian Geraghty was interested in doing so; the show is already thinking about ideas for his eventual replacement, and also what to do with the Kim Burgess character after a season full of romance, heartbreak, and rage. One idea may be to not have her date anyone for a while.

The fourth season of “Chicago PD” premieres this fall; get ready for a rather lengthy wait.

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