‘Britain’s Got Talent’ review: Christian Lee, Bollywest Fusion, Vox Fortuna perform in live show #4

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The fourth “Britain’s Got Talent” performance show arrived on our doorstep Wednesday, and with it, we hoped that we’d have a few new things to talk about … and very few duds. Last night’s show was somewhat controversial with Jack Higgins losing out to Boogie Storm, so would something else happen to put viewers up in arms? Time will tell.

As per usual, we’re going to update this article with more information and quick-takes on some of the acts as the show goes on.

Bollywest Fusion – Spoiler alert: We really love Bollywood dancing, and with that, we found this great fun! Yet, at the same time we’ve now determined what made us so cranky about these dance acts on “BGT”; we wish that they would stop with the mash-ups and just go with one song, and tell one story from start to finish. Also, Simon Cowell, slow your roll: Shannon & Peter earlier this week were better, even though this was rather fantastic.

The Collaborative Orchestra and Singers – Is there such a thing as too big a group? We do think that there were some sound clashes thanks to there being so many members of this group all doing there own thing. Still, it is remarkable just how they are able to bring so many people together, and we do certainly believe that this is one of those acts you really could go see for an hour-long show and be entertained. That’s something that really only works for about 10-15% of the acts on this show.

Bespoke Candi – We’re going to go on a bit of a mild rant here. You see, to us there’s a difference between buzzing an act once during a live show and pressing someone else’s buzzer for them. That’s the sort of cheesy stunt you see in the audition rounds. We felt it was slightly disrespectful for Alesha Dixon to be running around pressing Amanda Holden’s when these people did work hard on this. We do agree with her, to a certain extent: The dinosaur makes no sense.

Vox Fortuna – There are some changes in this group from where we saw them last time. For one, it’s now a four-piece group rather than a five-piece, and they also have a new name. (Previously, they were Vox Fortis.) We agree with Simon given that they started off a little weak, but they got better and better as the performance went on to the point where it was HOLY HELL at the end. Really the best act of the night so far, and by a pretty significant margin.

Balance – He’s a very good dancer and really knows how to execute some great moves. Also, he’s funny! There aren’t a lot of other people who can command the stage in a way that he can without anything else being a distraction. The only peeve we have is Simon desperate to try and make Fleur East’s song “Sax” happen. It feels almost like some executive out there is secretly demanding this song be put into every dance number ever, since we’ve heard it an abnormal number of times on this show alone. We say this facetiously, but it does feel this way.

Danny Beard – Could Danny have picked a song that showed off even more of his vocal range? Sure, but we do think it’s somewhat unfair to attack him for being “cabaret” when that’s somewhat of the point! He’s a fun drag / cabaret performance artist! There’s nothing wrong with that, and we’d probably have about a thousand times more fun watching him perform than the majority of the other singers on this show.

Christian Lee – He’s completely mad, but at the same time we really enjoyed this. It was so funny, bizarre, and completely entertaining since you never quite know when things are going to go completely off the rails. We also liked that he used David Walliams as his assistant for the act, rather than just going with one of the women again. He played it up to David’s sensibilities, and gave us something we’ll truly remember.

Tumar KR – Animation is such a hard style of dance to pull off, but we really think that these guys nailed this. Also, they proved our point about dance acts. They stuck to one particular style and theme throughout, and that aided them to better tell a story on the show. It was creepy, twisted, and completely original. There’s so much of a better chance people are going to remember this as a result of their creativity.

Beau Dermott – Go ahead and put Amanda Holden’s Golden Buzzer act into the final. This performance was certainly golden, and despite her talent, she still comes across as a humble girl who the public will want to vote for. We actually weren’t super-familiar with the song choice, but that didn’t really deter much of our enjoyment.

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