‘The Flash’ season 3 wishlist: Flashpoint, Killer Frost, and the Justice Society of America

FlashSo, that happened. The season 2 finale of “The Flash” was something fierce, and it’s almost stunning in so many ways that the end of Zoom’s storyline is somehow completely overshadowed by two different things: The big reveal that Jay Garrick (played by John Wesley Shipp) is the Man in the Iron Mask, and that Barry, desperate to escape his grief, went back in time and stopped his mother from being killed.

Where does this put us moving into the future? Really, in a wide array of interesting directions. The following are just some of the items that we’d like to see explored on the show, and not necessarily what actually will be when some of the dust settles.

1. Flashpoint – This famed DC Comics storyline was set up in part in the closing minutes of Tuesday night’s finale courtesy of Barry Allen going back and time and stopping his mother from being killed. This means that in the present, Nora Allen will likely be alive, unless something else happened to her. However, at the same time Barry may no longer be The Flash, and the majority of the other characters around him may have changed in some way. Will he even know Iris West? Will the Reverse Flash still exist? While we’re not sure we want this entire season to be Flashpoint, we’re glad to be exploring it, even for a time.

2. Bring Caitlin forward – We’ve already seen what happened to the Earth-2 version of Killer Frost, but it’s time now to bring the Earth-1 version more towards her own destiny. Maybe you morph her into a slightly different version of the character, such as the one who needs to kill to survive or one that is more benevolent than in the comics. One way or another, though, this is something that could be fun to explore.

3. Incorporate further the Justice Society of America – Thanks to Rex Tyler over on “Legends of Tomorrow,” we know that this group does exist somewhere in another universe. Also, we know that in the comics, Jay Garrick is a founding member. Maybe the JSA is a group of Earth-3 heroes, which also makes us wonder whether or not Kara Danvers a.k.a. Supergirl is also on Earth-3. It’d be a little strange that none of these other heroes were ever mention on that show, but they could make it work.

4. Villains – You have to find a way to bring back Gorilla Grodd, especially now that he’s been away at Gorilla City, potentially building up more of his powers. Meanwhile, we still love the Mirror Master villain and would like to see him play a huge role on the show.

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