‘Gotham’ season 3 wishlist: Mad Hatter, more Barbara, Lee Thompkins, and Penguin

Gotham -Now that “Gotham” is over for the season, isn’t there no better time to start to look towards the future? We certainly think so, and in that spirit, this is what our latest wishlist article is all about! As excellent as the second season was (and we really did enjoy it), every good show still has room to improve. Therefore, below we’ve got a few assorted suggests as to things that can be changed, modified, and tweaked to ensure that Fox continues to have one of the best superhero shows on TV.

1. Villains – Mad Hatter is almost the villain that got away. Despite being mentioned in the past as a character the show’s producers wanted to get on for the second season, they never got around to it. Therefore, how about throwing him in here somewhere? There’s also so much more that could be done with Hugo Strange if the show chose; or, why not go ahead and bring on Killer Croc since the foundation is there for this sort of weird character? You want to bring in villains who seem older in age so you’re not messing up Bruce Wayne’s story too much, and this is just one foundation way to have that happen.

2. More of Jim’s great “loves” – We know that Morena Baccarin was written out this season due to her pregnancy, so here’s to hoping Jim finds her in the early going and the two are able to move on and have something happy again. On the flip side, if you have Barbara Kean, we hope that she is used for more than just standing around in the first few episodes of season 3. We liked her evil turn, but she was really in the background for a long time and that needs to change.

3. Oswald in the forefront – With Fish Mooney back, don’t you think he will have something to say about that? Much of our critiques seem to be here “give us more of (insert character here),” and maybe some of that is because this show does have such a large cast that it is extremely difficult. It’s with that in mind that we have a simple suggestion…

4. Make a current cast member the Big Bad – While we want Mad Hatter / Killer Croc, relegate them to a guest-starring role or a small arc for now. We’d prefer to have a full half-season with a current player as either a Big Bad or something close to it, that way you’re guaranteeing further that they stay close to the story and some of the guest characters can be more accessories to them than the other way around.

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