‘The Flash’ season 2 finale review: Who is the Man in the Iron Mask? Also, changing history

Flash -

Tonight, we made it to the end of “The Flash” season 2 with an epic showdown like no other. We had Barry Allen in one corner and Zoom in the other, and they had an epic race like no other in order to ensure that they each got what they wanted.

It was not too much of a surprise at all to learn that Barry won, though using Time Wraiths and a time remnant in order to do it was a little bit unexpected. It was yet another clever plan, and Barry was under control enough to not kill Zoom himself, even though he probably wanted to.

Now, let’s turn to the biggest twist of all: The real reveal as to who was the Man in the Iron Mask. We learned about midway through the episode that he was Jay Garrick, but what we did not realize was that this Jay was not played by Teddy Sears. This Jay is actually Henry Allen from another universe! We had a really cool send-off to John Wesley Shipp, who seemed to be done last week. We never imagined that there was going to be this sort of homage to the original character. Really, this is the rare example of a twist paying off.

In the end, Zoom’s demise led to Harry and Jesse returning to their own worlds, and Barry having a moment of reflection upon defeating his nemesis once and for all. It was a chance for Iris to be there for him, but the problem is that Barry is not ready for a relationship after what happened. He needs to find peace after Harry, and that’s understandable. It’s just not going to be easy. Luckily, she is willing to wait for him. There is hope, WestAllen fans!

The finale ended with Barry embarking on a journey to “find himself” … which really meant him going back in time trying to right everything by not allowing the Reverse-Flash to kill his parents. What happens here will surely be a domino effect, and it’ll change EVERYTHING. It was a shocking ending to an already-shocking but very-strong season finale. Grade: A-.

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