‘The Flash’ season 2 finale video: Why is Barry racing Zoom?

Flash -

We have to admit that when we first saw a promo for the finale of “The Flash” featuring a race between Barry Allen and Zoom, it was a little easy to groan and shout “why?” at the heavens. For everything that has happened between these two characters, the idea of them simply figuring out who is faster is pretty hokey.

Yet, as it turns out there is a much more intricate reason for this than it first appears. As the lengthy trailer for the finale below reveals, Zoom specifically wants the energy from the race more so than the race itself, since he may be able to use this in order to become a real destroyer of worlds. What makes this all the more difficult is that he’s not a villain who can be properly reasoned with by any means at all; he’s a true psychopath, and the one blind spot that he had (Caitlin Snow) now seems to be gone. He wants to inflict the pain that he felt on everyone else out there in the world, horrific as the idea may be.

What’s slightly unfortunate here is that Barry seems down to a certain extent to inflict a little bit of pain of his own, mostly out of his anger over what Zoom did to his father. He wants him to suffer, but as Harry cautions him, this is hardly the right reason to go about doing anything. As a matter of fact, it’s liable to do him way more harm than good.

We’ll figure out just who wins this race tomorrow night … provided anyone does at all.

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