‘The Bachelorette’ spotlight: Should Will Haduch be JoJo Fletcher’s final conteder?

Will -We cannot answer the question in the title for this “Bachelorette” article as of yet, but there is one thing that we can say with some certainty: This is the last article that we’re going to do for our pre-shot spotlight series. It’s been a lot to go through all of these guys in a short period of time, especially since there are so many white guys of around the same height with around the same sort of hair. Clearly, JoJo Fletcher has a type — it’s either that or the producers got lazy in looking for variety.

Anyhow, we’re now closing off with a guy in Will Haduch who has a few interesting things about him. For one, he’s regionally distinctive from the majority of the other contenders this season.

Name – Will Haduch

Age – 26

Occupation – Civil engineer. He’s got a great job, and this is the sort that he will be able to come back and do easily after his brush with celebrity. If JoJo wants to settle into real life after this show, he could be the perfect contender for her.

Location – Jersey City, New Jersey. For one reason or another, over half of the contestants this season are from either California or Florida. There aren’t many people from the New Jersey / New York area, and that could have Will standing out.

Pros – It’s kind of awesome that two of Will’s favorite movies are “Big Fish” and then “Good Burger.” He’s clearly a child of the nineties for one, and at the same time he’s got a softer, sweeter side. He’s going to stand out in this group of guys because he’s not afraid to have fun, and some other people may be a little more shy about that.

Cons – Is he going to be too comical? It’s possible, just as it’s also possible that he and JoJo may not have too much in common. She may be looking for more of the strong, athletic, small-town guy, and someone who doesn’t still like to watch Kel Mitchell in an apron ask for people’s orders.

Most likely to… Create awkward moments without meaning to, mostly because of his attempts to diffuse what he thinks is a weird situation.

Final assessment – Will could be excellent television this season, and for that alone, we hope he stays over members of the beefcake army. He just don’t see the ceiling that we do for other people like a Jordan, a Luke, or a Wells.

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