‘Blindspot’ finale debate: Who is the next one to die?

Blindspot -For all fans of “Blindspot,” there may be a rather-uneasy feeling in the air leading into Monday’s finale. Who is Jane Doe really? Is she Taylor Shaw? How many times can the word “tattoo” be said in a single hour of TV? These are questions without answers, but hopefully subjects that will receive some further insight and investigation over the course of the next hour.

From here, we have little to do beyond engaging in some sort of horrendous waiting that will take you all the way until season 2 premieres in September / October.

When it comes to debating what is going to happen in the finale, it’s hard to do so when there are so few consistencies on this show beyond death. That’s something that we have seen happen on several different occasions, and it is therefore rather easy to assume that it will happen again soon. We’ve got our list of candidates to go below, but let’s be real here: There’s one person obviously in the crosshairs more so than anyone else.

Oscar – For now, we don’t know how he is anything other than the consensus choice. He’s already been established now as a liar and a manipulator, so we really do not know how you would want to root for him any longer. He also killed Mayfair, so rather than taking out another core cast member, it makes more sense for someone to go after him.

Another supporting character – If you want to make a case for losing Patterson or someone else, we suppose that you could. We’re just not sold the show is going to commit a Red Wedding on its entire supporting cast so they can go out and cast new people.

Weller – Could this really happen? The promo makes it seem like he’s in some jeopardy, but to eliminate Weller would be to eliminate the one character with the most fascinating relationship to Jane out of anyone. What was the point of the season is this is the endgame? It’s possible, but only in theory.

Jane – If this happens, Melisandre better be standing by to cast some sort of revival spell … if not her, than the editors of “The Walking Dead” to pretend like she’s not actually dead even though it clearly looked that way. There’s zero chance Jaimie Alexander leaves this show; without her, there is no show.

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