‘Shark Tank’ review: The Felt app, Pete & Pedro, Pavlok vs. Kevin O’Leary, and PMS Bites close out season 7

Sharks -Tonight, the “Shark Tank” finale is arriving on ABC, and it is doing so with four new businesses (and one familiar face) all coming in and trying to prove that there is something about their business that makes them a worthy investment. It also turns out that we have one of the biggest shut-downs ever, as someone proclaims that they would take an investment from anyone other than Kevin O’Leary. What’s going on there? Read on to find out.

Also, we’re going to have some more updates as the episode progresses, so be sure to refresh the page!

Pete & Pedro’s Bueno Hair – Is this company really as bueno as they want you to believe? They do have a variety of ways to sell their hair product, including a monthly hair club, and that could appeal to the Sharks. This was a really weird, funny segment, mostly because it was ultimately a case of Barbara buying into the man literally more than the product, investing in his personal business more so than the specific hair product.

PMS Bites – Is this product, designed to help cure symptoms, more than just a kitschy name? We do think that there is a decent idea here, but the execution was all wrong. As Mark Cuban put it, she specifically should be focusing online with a name like this that can go viral. The problem here is mostly that she came in far too early to the Tank when there wasn’t enough resources to really be able to properly explain how to scale. She’s still a ways off from executing her dream. No deal.

Felt app – Will this app really change the way in which people send cards? Well, it’s funny because sometimes, a deal is all about strategy. It felt like Kevin O’Leary saw this right away and new immediately that it was something that he could integrate right now with one of his other investments in Honeyfund. Who would’ve thought that a guy like Mr. Wonderful would love weddings so much? It may have been the best, and quickest, deal we’ve seen him make.

Pavlok – Finally, let’s turn to a way in which Pavlovian condition can apparently be used in order to keep people from giving into bad habits. This was really a case more than anything else of a segment that was more interesting than the product, largely because the man pitching the company just didn’t want to do business with Kevin O’Leary for some reason. We actually think that Kevin was bailed out slightly by this; we don’t see people wanting to shock themselves, and we also thought this presentation was really not very strong. No deal, and a weird way to close the season.

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