Where ‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong,’ Michele Fitzgerald stand in our season, winner rankings

Michele -

We’re now a solid 36 hours or so removed from the end of “Survivor: Kaoh Rong,” and with that, we feel pretty confident in placing both this show and its winner in Michele Fitzgerald into our lengthy season / winner rankings. Sometimes there are occasions where we change a few things around due to time changing our perception on things, but this really didn’t happen this time. All we really did was plug in this season and its champ into what is becoming more and more of a monster of a list.

Before diving in, a quick reminder that you can view this full list over at the link here.

Where we ranked Michele – At present, she is #26 on the list ahead of Vecepia from “Marquesas,” and behind Sandra during “Heroes vs. Villains.” We feel like there are actually some comparisons between her and V, most notable that they both played under-the-radar games. The reason we have Michele slightly higher is that she had a slightly-better social game, and had “Marquesas” been a final three, we think that Kathy probably would have won. Vecepia also didn’t have a particularly great final tribal council.

On the flip side, we don’t think that Michele was consistently a decision-maker in the way that Sandra was, and she doesn’t really have a singular strategic move that she can point to as one that’ll go down in “Survivor” history.

Where we ranked the season – “Kaoh Rong” is right now at #17, ahead of “Vanuatu” and behind “Cook Islands.’ About three or four weeks ago it probably would’ve been in the top 15, but the Joe medivac episode coupled with a drawn-out finale and bad reunion drops it a couple of spots. It’s a really fun season at times with great characters, but when looking back at the episodes we had two medical evacuations, a couple of so-so boot episodes, and only a couple of hours that we’d consider to be classic “Survivor” such as the Scot Pollard boot.

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