NBC’s ‘Grimm’ season 5 finale spoilers: How big of a threat is Diana?

The fifth season of “Grimm” is coming to an end on Friday, and specifically, we’re going to see this happen in the form of a two-hour episode that could mark the end for an important character. This is the world where death does happen often … even if it is also a world where people do tend to come back from the dead in some surprising ways. Just remember that we’ve had Eve running amok for most of the season.

What’s especially interesting is that going into this episode, one of the biggest threats to Nick may come from an unexpected source: A young child. Diana could be the catalyst for the entire story coming up, especially with her desire to put Adalind and Renard together. While she may not necessarily be 100% working for the bad guys, there are questions as to whether or not she knows what she is doing with some of her powers.

In previewing this specific struggle and some of the challenges it brings into the world in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, David Giuntoli had the following message to pass along:

“Imagine if you, at the age of 5 or 6, had all of the power in the world — if your 5-year-old whims were backed by supernatural powers beyond compare — that’s what Diana is. And yeah, she is a threat. It’s not like she’s evil, but she has no understanding of her power and doesn’t know how to handle her emotions and has too many tools behind them. She’s kind of like a domesticated bear — generally tame, but you never know when s— is going to hit the fan.”

Well, we’re going to be back tonight to take a look at all of this craziness, and we’ll more than likely have a good chance in here to see what sort of pain befalls our cast of characters.

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