‘Shark Tank’ video: Is Pavlok set to electrify the Tank?

Sharks -One of the more intriguing new products on the “Shark Tank” finale is Pavlok, mostly because we really have no clue what exactly the Sharks are going to do with this. Form one vantage point, this may be the most terrifying product that we have ever seen in the Tank, given that it is basically a way that you can shock yourself in the event that you want to eliminate bad habits.

Is it effective in stopping these said habits? If someone uses it right, we’d say probably. For example, if you shocked yourself rather than having a cigarette, over time you would associate smoking with that electric feeling. It’s basically taking the ideas of Pavlov and throwing them onto a person. It’s scientifically proven to work in theory, but there are some problems when it comes to applying it.

First, you gotta be willing to press the button rather than do your bad habit unless you are using some sort of automation; basically, you really must want to break your bad habit in order for this product to work. Otherwise, we figure that you’re really just wasting your time. This may be a product designed for people who are desperate for a change, and have tried many other things to little to no success.

Also, you’re going to need to be willing to spend the money to get one of them. The cost over $170, so it’s not cheap. With the sort of valuation that is put on this company, there better be sales! Our concern is that he almost seems deathly serious, and that may not play well. Our final pre-show assessment is that while there may be some money to be made in this particular industry, there’s a challenge that will probably come with marketing this to people other than those who are absolutely desperate and have tried every other solution under the sun to stop a bad habit.

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