‘Shark Tank’ finale preview: PMS Bites, Felt app, Pavlok, and Pete & Pedro’s Bueno Hair

Shark Tank -Shark Tank” fans, the end is nigh. Friday night’s new episode is the last installment of the season, and there are four new products hoping to make something happen. Some may gain your attention in a big way, and others may shock you with some of their decisions.

Before we move any further, let’s go ahead and pass along the following synopsis (provided that you haven’t seen it already):

“A woman from Boston, Massachusetts, hopes the Sharks will make a deal and sink their teeth into her chocolate treats that are perfect for women who want to satisfy cravings; a season four entrepreneur from Aeworth, Georgia, returns for a second chance to pitch the Shark’s his new business, a line of men’s hair products; a man from Telluride, Colorado, who is desperate for capital, plans to warm the Sharks’ hearts with an app that allows users to electronically send handwritten cards; and a man from Boston, Massachusetts, believes he has created a unique way to break bad habits with self-zapping wristbands. Also, recaps and updates featuring the various entrepreneurs that appeared during season seven.”

Now, let’s turn to giving you a quick taste of what these final products have to offer.

Pete & Pedro’s Bueno Hair – The company’s apparent angle here is that they give men salon-quality products hair products without some of the pretentious frills that tend to come along with them. You can buy things individually, or sign up for their Hair Club, which is the standard “we deliver you products to keep you constantly supplied” model. The big sell here is proving the product’s effectiveness, since there doesn’t seem to be much proprietary here versus other salon products we’ve seen.

PMS Bites – Basically, these treats are described on the website as “designed by a woman for women. Made with gluten free, vegan, and all natural ingredients & herbs commonly taken by women for bloating, cramping and mood swings.” Maybe they are tasty? The name is a double-edged sword. It will probably bring the company far more attention, but simultaneously also make some more conservative consumers wary.

Felt app – It’s a curious innovation since it is really almost akin to taking a step backwards in time using modern technology. You create and personalize your own card, even using your own handwriting via your iPhone if you wish. Then, the app has your card mailed out in a way that feels personalized and like it came from you. Sure, we do think that if you’re putting forth this kind of effort you may as well buy a card and just send it that way, but there is a certain kindness that probably comes from receiving this, as well, as opposed to an eCard or something like that.

Pavlok – We don’t know how to feel about this. Basically, it’s a shock bracelet that you can use on yourself to start training yourself against bad habits. We suppose that if you’re desperate to quit smoking and other methods have not worked, maybe this is up your alley. We just personally feel like it’d take a heck of a lot to convince us that something that was going to cause pain was worth picking up and buying.

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