‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 12 finale reaction: A wedding, a baby, and some Riggs complications

Grey's Anatomy -Thursday night brought us the season finale of “Grey’s Anatomy,” and if there is one clear way to describe this particular episode, this is it: Complicated. It was a tangled web that had its highs and lows, leading to a few major moments that will impact the future of the show.

1. Meredith finds herself in a new web – It’s clear now that there is something serious brewing between her and Riggs. They’ve already hooked up seemingly! However, here’s the issue: Maggie is also into him, and seems to be under the belief that he feels roughly the same way about her. She’s missing that the looks are for her sister rather than her. There will certainly be more complications that come up in due time; we just have to figure out what they are.

2. Amelia and Owen are likely married – We did not see the wedding (as in, the vows) on the show, but there was no obvious interruption. Therefore, we’ll assume what we want to about the event taking place.

3. Alex and Jo are in huge trouble – And it’s thanks to two different things. First, we learned that Jo is actually married in secret, as she revealed in a drunken confession. Also, Andrew was trying to convince her to go to bed and not undress in front of him, and Alex walked in on him on top of her. This entire sequence was frustrating, since it was every tired TV trope known to man. Also, we’ve already had the “secretly married” storyline on “The Big Bang Theory” and, earlier this year, in the “Scorpion” finale. Obviously, the writers had no way of knowing the latter at the time they put this together.

4. April and Jackson are now parents – And it’s thanks to Ben, who found his mojo by making sure the right procedure was performed, effectively saving both April and her child’s lives in the process.

5. Arizona and Callie have a new custody arrangement – This allows the latter to go out and effectively live her life, and the two will figure out the details as they come. We’ll have more on this moving forward.

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