‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ to be season 33 theme; announced at ‘Kaoh Rong’ reunion

SurvivorTonight, the “Survivor” reunion show proved itself to be as odd and as maddening as any that we have seen over the course of the entire series. We spent a significant amount of time on Sia, on giving shoutouts to Cochran in the audience, and for whatever reason not wanting anyone to know what Aubry’s Twitter handle is. (Did anyone else notice they blurred that out?)

We could spend a lot of time here discussing some of the oddities from this reunion, but since that will probably infuriate some people to be reminded of it (especially since Caleb was the only pre-juror to even be asked a question), let’s put the focus more on what we know about the upcoming season of the show based on Jeff Probst announced at the tail end of the night: It is Millennials vs. Gen X. Really? Well, it’s almost like “Survivor: Nicaragua” except with a slightly different coat of paint on it. It’s odd, but we do like that we’re going back to 20 players after this year’s attempt at 18 (it gives them more leeway on medivacs), and we’re also happy to be going back to Fiji and doing it once again with two tribes. Let’s just hope that we’re now getting a chance to make up for much of “Survivor: Fiji,” which didn’t do the location any favors.

This season will premiere in September most likely, and we got to meet a few cast members tonight. (We like Zeke’s mustache, and we have another professional gamer. Paging Kenny!) We’ll probably meet more later this summer.

In the end, we’re going to have to wait until tomorrow to see precisely what happens with this season, but we’re going to have interviews with the final three tomorrow! Stay tuned.

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