‘Faking It’ series finale review: Romance and redemption

We’ve sadly made it to the end of the road for MTV’s “Faking It,” and we specifically did it in a way that is going to leave some fans rather polarized.

The good news is that when it comes to Amy and Karma’s friendship, they may be in a better place than they ever were before this season. Karma helped Sabrina figure out the right way to apologize, and she did so in a way that was genuine enough on New Year’s Ever that Amy forgave her. She helped to set up those two with a future, and that is a huge growth moment for Karma, who has long been afraid of sharing her best friend with anyone. It’s a quality that, if they were to ever have a relationship someday, she would certainly need.

As far as Karma and Felix, it was incredibly predictable what was going to happen between the two of them since the show editing-wise really beat us over the head with it the past couple of weeks. We’ve heard showrunner Carter Covington mention at times that there were plots that were rushed because of the uncertainty surrounding the show’s future, and this felt like one. Noah and Shane felt a little more organic, and we surprisingly love Liam and Lauren together way more than we ever thought we would.

In the end, “Faking It” goes out with some humor, some heart, and a final act that proved that Amy and Karma have the potential to be friends forever. There were some poor choices down to the very end (such as really obsessing over romance above all else), but this was a fun show with a lot of heart, and we cannot fault it for what MTV chose to do in the very end. This wasn’t Covington’s desired end, so we take it as it is. Grade: B.

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