‘The Bachelorette’ spotlight: Does JoJo Fletcher suitor Evan Bass have worst job title ever?

Evan -There are many things that we definitely know “The Bachelorette” for at the moment, but coming up with incredibly cheesy job titles for some of its contenders has to be fairly high up on the list. How else do you justify a guy having a title of something like “erectile dysfunction expert”?

Before we get into the rest of this particular spotlight for Evan Bass, we want to share what Chris Harrison had to say in a new interview with Yahoo!, where he labeled him one of his suitors to watch:

“There’s always that one person who stands out because of what they do, like the ’Chicken Enthusiast’ or the Jumbotron operator. Well, Evan is that guy this season. He is an ‘Erectile Dysfunction Specialist.’ If there was ever a match made in heaven, it is an erectile dysfunction specialist and The Bachelorette. It writes itself. ‘Is he up for the challenge?’ ‘It is going to be stiff competition.’ But I will say this about him, on top of being a good cocktail joke, he is a really decent guy and JoJo likes him a lot. He is a single father raising three boys while running a chain of clinics. He is very normal and down-to-earth. He is used to the real world of working and making lunches for the kids compared to the puffed-up party guys. But will that ultimately be something she is interested in?”

Ultimately, what we’re getting at here is that there is much more to Evan beyond just a title and a bio that the show clearly constructed to make him look like a total cornball.

Name – Evan Bass

Age – 33

Occupation – We’ve really run over it already, but this is actually a real job designed in a way to certainly raise eyebrows. He’s got a nice career, and he’s also a very busy dad.

Location – Nashville, Tennessee. To think, usually the only people we see pop up on the show from here are aspiring singers.

Pros – There’s obviously a lot more to him than meets the eye, which is good given that he says he loves “booty” dancing. Also, he’s got a steady job and he’s not taking this competition like it is some vacation away from his kids. He also probably won’t be a jerk because he has to think about them watching.

Cons – Why’s he gotta hate on women with food allergies as a deal-breaker? Also, why does he have to describe his sexual energy as “powerful and beautiful”? We know this is his area of expertise, but that’s a lot of information and it cook freak JoJo out if he acts like this. We’re also not entire sure that she is ready to become an instant mom to three kids when presented so many other options.

Most likely to… Describe the male anatomy in ways never before see on ABC … and possibly in ways that we never seen again.

Final assessment – Evan’s a little bit of an odd duck. He must last at least a week or two for Harrison to bother to spotlight him, but in between the way he talks about sexuality and him having such a big family, we’d be shocked if he wins.

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