‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 12 finale spoilers: What problems could doom Owen – Amelia wedding?

Grey's AnatomyMoving into the season finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” airing on ABC Thursday night, there’s obviously some great news: After all, Owen and Amelia are getting married! What’s not to love about that? These two clearly care about each other, and they have went on this long journey that allows the two of them to get to this moment.

Well, let’s just remind you now that this is “Grey’s Anatomy,” otherwise known as the show where everything that could possibly go wrong does, and it typically blows up in horrifying fashion. It’s just something that we have to be prepared for at this point. Speaking on that particular subject, Caterina Scorsone tees up the big day with a following message to TVLine:

“[The issue that she faces] to do more with her family of origin and a perceived lack of support from her family and friends about the wedding. That spins her out. She was gung ho to go for it, but the morning of the wedding, she’s not getting the celebration and the party that she thought she’d get by becoming this adult who’s getting married. So she’s disappointed and feeling very betrayed.”

Will Meredith and company do what they need to in order to make amends? We certainly hope so, given that really one of the last things that we want to see out of the upcoming finale is a completely devastated Amelia once more. Given we’ve already had heartache now from Callie (two times, really), Arizona, Stephanie, and potentially Maggie if she finds out about Meredith and Riggs, do we really need any more? Also, just think about what Amelia and Owen have already been through in between this series and Amelia on “Private Practice.”

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