‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’ finale rankings: Who’s in the best position to win?

Cydney -

Can you believe that the finale of “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” is almost here? It’s only a day and a half away, and we’re going to have a chance to see four fun characters and dynamic players go head-to-head.

So who’s in the best spot to win? We’re breaking that down in what is (insert tiny tear here) the final edition of our show rankings until the show returns this fall.

4. Tai Trang (last week: 4) – In looking at how things are currently constituted, it’s hard to think of a narrative where Tai wins. Maybe if he wins immunity the rest of the way or executes a big strategic move, he could win over some people on the jury. However, right now the perception seems to be that he is indecisive, and there are people on the jury in Scot and Jason who has little motivation to vote for him. We love him, but we’re not sure the jury does.

3. Michele Fitzgerald (3) – We feel like the editing tricks that “The Amazing Race” played on us this past week are going to come to fruition on “Survivor,” as well. We understand where some of the “winner’s edit” claims are coming from with Michele, but as of right now, how could she beat either Cydney or Aubry? We see votes for her coming from Nick and Julia, but we’re not sure about anyone else.

2. Aubry Bracco (1) – There’s no question in our mind that Aubry has played the gutsiest game this season, fighting hard in challenges, scrambling well, and working to position people like Tai who are close to her. We think she’s got a great shot of winning if she gets to the end, but losing Joe hurts her significantly. Now, she has to hope for either immunity or for Tai to stick with her and cause a tie vote if Michele and Cydney target her.

1. Cydney Gillon (2) – Right now, she seems to be far and away in the best spot. We think she’s the most capable of winning any challenge of the women left, she has made moves that she can point to, and we think that Aubry will be targeted as more of a threat since you’ve got Neal, Debbie, and Joe over on the jury who are obvious votes for her. Cydney’s done an amazing job this season, and it may be time for her to be rewarded.

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