‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 2 midseason finale: Aftermath of the gunshot

Strand -

On Sunday night’s episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” (arguably the strongest of the entire season), we saw the vineyard become a little less of a sanctuary for a variety of reasons. For one, Celia seems to believe that zombies are almost a sort of natural progression into the afterlife, and is legitimately invested in keeping them around. With that in mind, she’s not going to be happy that Victor Strand shot his longtime love Thomas Abigail in the head, keeping him from turning into a zombie when the dust settles.

Of course, there’s also the issue of everything that is going on with Chris, who unraveled in a huge way and became somewhat of a dangerous presence. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Dave Erickson did his part to tee up the midseason finale, which will give you all sorts of drama and likely set the pace for the second half of the season in a pretty big way:

“It’s going to be big. There are actually some very significant movements that’ll play out. Everything that we’ve been laying track for, a good deal of it will be paid off. As we ended this episode, we saw Chris race outside, and there’s a very good question as to where he’s going to and what Travis is going to do to bring him back.

“And then we will have the issue of Celia’s reaction to the death of Abigail, and how she feels about Strand, and how she feels about Strand’s associates, because we’re going to see some anger in her for the first time, a true anger and true greed. And this thing that they’ve been seeking for the past several episodes, this compound, this sanctuary, is going to be jeopardized for everybody. So we’ll see how they manage to attempt to stay in the vineyard.”

Given that this is “The Walking Dead” franchise, it is certainly not unreasonable to imagine that we’re going to be getting a few different surprises when it comes to character deaths or twists to the formula. This show needs something to keep people talking, especially since it’s not exactly clear when the final episodes are going to air. Maybe it’s later in the summer, or maybe it bridges the fall and winter halves of “The Walking Dead” season 7.

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