‘The Amazing Race 28’ finale review: Did Tyler & Korey, Sheri & Cole, or Dana & Matt win?

Race -Going into “The Amazing Race” finale it had a hard sell when it came to convincing us that there would be heavy competition in the finale. Tyler & Korey clobbered the other remaining teams in Dana & Matt and Sheri & Cole the majority of the season, so there was little reason to believe that we’d get a different narrative through most of Friday’s episode.

Did that happen? Luckily, the answer was “yes” as in the early going we had a chance to see Tyler & Korey struggle at the first Roadblock in Los Angeles. Cheers to the Race for at least making teams have to grab a clue in the air while jumping from a building, since simply the latter would make for a waste of time. Dana & Matt took a pretty commanding lead, and from here it was all about whether or not another team could catch up.

For most of the leg, it appeared like the answer was “no.” Sheri & Cole stumbled on the Roadblock to a certain extent, and Tyler & Korey also were saddled with a bad cab driver. Then, it looked like the dancers were going to command the final leg more than ever when Dana made it clear on the second, memory-based Roadblock that she had kept track of the hashtags over the course of the season that were referenced in clues. This is where being a huge fan of the show pays off. She was super-fast, and that was enough to make these two the WINNERS of the season! Congrats to the two of them!

Ultimately, this was a fairly dull final leg in terms of drama, but this season did prove one thing to us: The editors LOVE to trick us. We had no evidence going into this leg to think that they were going to be the winners, and yet, here they are. Sheri & Cole were in second, and Tyler & Korey were in third. Finale Grade: B- (lack of drama, but what could the show do?)

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