‘Big Brother Canada 4’ finale exclusive: Nikki Grahame on bond with Tim, interest in American version, more

Nikki -

Nikki Grahame didn’t have a chance to do exit press when she was evicted from the “Big Brother Canada” house earlier this season, and it was with that in mind that we were rather thrilled to have a chance to speak with her earlier today. We chatted a little bit about jury, her game regrets, and where things stand between her and Tim now after everything that happened with her eviction.

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CarterMatt – I know you’re probably more used to this than some of the other players, but how has it been re-acclimating yourself to being out in the world again?

Nikki Grahame – It’s just all so surreal for me, because I didn’t think I would even get voted into to ‘Big Brother Canada.’ So for me to get voted in, and then picked by Canada to be [potentially] Head of House was incredible, and then [take part] in the finale. My goodness! I got to experience jury, slop, all of it! I’m so proud, but I feel a bit [sad] it’s all over.

I’m sure at this point you know that people really love you in Canada, and really enjoyed having you.

And I’m just so honored that Canada has been so lovely to me — I don’t want to go home, I just want to live here now. (Quick note: You can actually see Nikki on her upcoming tour of Canada! Check out her Twitter page to see where she’s going to be.)

How are things between you and Tim now? Are you guys on better terms now than when you were evicted from the game?

Me and Tim are going to be friends forever. I was mad at him for voting me out, and I hated him for ten minutes. But, I love him, and to go through this experience with these people is a unique bond that we’ll all share, and I will remember my time here with Tim and everyone else forever.

Do you wish that you had not been sent out during a double-eviction, that way you would’ve had more of a chance to fight?

I wasn’t surprised that I went that night. The moment Joel sat down, I knew I was going. I did expect the loyalty vote from Tim, but it was my time, and eight weeks seems to be my limit in the ‘Big Brother’ house. I’ve never gone longer than eight weeks, and when I went to jury, it was like paradise! It was the best time ever. It was a lovely cabin on the lake, it was so relaxing, there was wildlife. It was great, and it was a really nice opportunity to wind down from my time in the house before the madness of the finale.

And I know it’s a bit different from the UK show, when you just come out and it’s back to the real world.

When you come out, it can be a bit scary, because you’re not used to it!

What was your take on the finale? Were you going to vote for Tim, and why did you ultimately go for the brothers over Kelsey?

I was so anti-Tim when he voted me out, but I had decided that me and Tim were always going to be friends, and I would regret it deeply if I didn’t vote for him to win. And, he deserved to win. He played the game fantastically, and I admire him for that. That’s something I could never do. I’m too real … I had decided that I was going to vote for him, but then he wasn’t in the final and it was either Kelsey or the brothers. I was really happy for the brothers. Those boys had such an incredible journey in this house. They’ve come in as young boys, and I think they’re leaving young men. They’re huge fans of the show, they’re passionate about their country. They played their game reasonably well, and they shaved their heads off, which is something that I would never do for $100,000 (laughs). I’m happy for them.

Looking ahead to the future, what’s your relationship going to be with ‘Big Brother’ now? Are you open to appearing on another version in America or somewhere else, or do you want to go on and do some other things?

Listen, I would never retire of ‘Big Brother.’ If I ever got the opportunity to do it in America, look out! Look out, USA!

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