‘Faking It’ canceled by MTV; season 3 finale to be series finale

In the midst of a wide array of cancellations this week, this one may be the most shocking of all to us: “Faking It” is done at MTV. We presumed that this was a show that may not have a super-long life, but at the same time, we certainly hoped that it’d at least get more than one more episode to finish off the story. The fans deserved that, especially since there are so few shows out there with LGBTQ leads and relationships that are not going to get killed off at some point a week or two down the run.

Unfortunately, this time around it was MTV who chose to swing the metaphorical ax rather than a character meeting an untimely fate on the show itself.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, creator Carter Covington responded to the fairly-devastating news with the following:

“My hope is that Faking It will be the first show that started what I call the post-gay era on television. We always tried to approach the storytelling as coming from a place beyond coming out stories and really exploring the lives of all of our characters, regardless of their sexuality. My hope is that other shows will pick up from this move the ball forward. Audiences are ready for shows that don’t focus on characters’ differences and sexuality and speak more to our common characteristics as human beings.

“That will always be my sole regret: that I never got to explore Karma and Amy together. I never got to look inward at Karma and have her question her friendship and why it’s so intense and her affection for Amy. I’m sad that I won’t get chance to do that. I felt like fans really deserved that and I’m sad they won’t get that.”

This may be what is especially blindsiding about this particular news: We feel like had Covington known that this was coming, the show would’ve had a chance to fully explore Amy and Karma in a way that they are not going to now. We were hoping that, if nothing else, the show would at least get ten more episodes, because now almost every relationship is left untethered and that’s quite the disservice to fans who were backing this show and rooting for these characters.

What’s your take on the show’s end? Share your thoughts below,

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