‘The Real World: Go Big or Go Home’ episode 8 review: Screaming and more screaming

Real World -The longer and longer we get into “The Real World: Go Big or Go Home,” and the more ridiculous we feel like the show gets. Tonight’s episode was stuffed full of drama, screaming, crying, screaming, and more screaming.

Much of it decided when the producers decided that they were going to throw Dione’s ex-girlfriend-of-sorts Amanda into the mix to make things awkward. She was looking for a fight with Kailah from the moment that she arrived, and she was probably disappointed that she could not really get it. Instead, the two had sex in pretty public fashion, and then made everyone else uncomfortable. Ironically, after this whole trip Dione still told her that he didn’t want to be in a relationship, and then gave this whole spiel about how he’s never been in love. Maybe that’s true, but it feels like this guy is a man-child because he wants to be more so than because he actually is.

Meanwhile, we’re pretty sure that Jenna causes more problems for herself than she needs to by constantly thinking the world is out to get her. We do think that Dean shouldn’t have gotten in her face as much as he did, but she also blew it up and dragged it on longer than she really needed to. Also, she’s someone who has caused so many problems, she doesn’t have anyone’s goodwill anymore. These people feel like they just hate each other with a few exceptions (the girls and the guys, ironically, seem okay separately other than maybe Jenna), and so the timing is right to throw them out in the middle of the desert.

Also, we’re getting a new roommate for no reason whatsoever. This season has devolved into something with almost no story; instead, it’s about who fights the most, and who wants the most airtime. Remember when “The Real World” felt more like reality? Grade: C-.

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