‘Legends of Tomorrow’ episode 15 video: The Sara – Snart debate and more

LegendsThe penultimate episode of “DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” is coming your way on The CW tonight, and there are quite a few different things to look forward to in it.

For one, we’re going to see the likes of Rip Hunter and company have to be more resourceful than ever before, given that it turns out that the Time Masters were never in line to help him with Vandal Savage at all. Why? It’s not entire clear if the entire group is in line with Vandal’s interests, but clearly there are some who find his efforts to be significant to the future of history. Therefore, they’ve been supporting it with technology and apparently giant Leviathan monsters.

Meanwhile, show boss Phil Klemmer explains in the video below that Sara and Snart are going to be at odds over what to do with the remainder of their friends. For her, it’s important to try to save them by any means necessary. Maybe it’s because she has already died, and she is therefore a little more willing to go into the fire once more. That’s clearly not something that Snart is endorsing in the slightest, as he feels more like they did everything that they can reasonably do, and he now just wants to head home and try to resume his own life.

Given that this show is not entitled “People Who Gave Up Trying to Save Tomorrow,” we have a feeling that Snart is probably going to lose out on this argument.

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