‘Bloodline’ season 2, episode 3 review: Kevin goes down a hole and brings everyone with him

BloodlineThings are starting to fall apart quickly for the Rayburn family on “Bloodline” now that Wayne Lowry has enough evidence to destroy them if John doesn’t stop the investigation into his business, but with John deciding to run for sheriff it’s going to be hard for him to turn a blind eye. We know John has done something things that aren’t exactly law abiding, but we still want to believe that this character has everyone’s best interests at heart.

Kevin’s first drug deal went so smoothly that he thought the second one would be no trouble, but after the exchange (and seeing some cops talk to Kevin like they are friends), the man buying the drugs takes his money back and kidnaps Kevin and tortures him while trying to find out if he’s a cop. When Kevin doesn’t come home, Belle calls John for help locating him and after asking around John learns that Kevin’s having serious money troubles.

When a dead body turns up, John is afraid that it’s Kevin, but it’s the man he was selling drugs to – did Kevin do this? Kevin reaches out to Meg (and she brings in John) and tells him about the drug deal gone bad, that he kept some of Danny’s drugs and that a lot of people have seen Kevin do this deal including the dealers, some cops and the waitress at the diner. John tells him to stay in the hotel and not to make contact with anyone and that he’s going to do what he can to help Kevin, but while Meg is on the phone, he sneaks out of the hotel and drives off.

John calls Lowry and tells him that he’s found Eric and that he’s willing to sell Lowry down the river, but that if he gives up the men he’s working for that he can get him 25 years and out in ten with good behavior. Lowry laughs at John’s deal saying that if he gives up anyone he’s dead, but John also promises his family and son will be taken care of and in exchange John wants Danny’s confession tape back. When Lowry comes home and feels that his family is in jeopardy, he calls in to the station to strike the deal that John proposed and things are starting to look up for John covering his tracks in Danny’s death.

Sally confronts John with what she knows about him and Kevin bringing suitcases of what she suspected was drugs to Danny’s Miami apartment and his silence confirms that it’s true. He tells her that hypothetically he moved the drugs out of the Inn and back to Danny’s place so he could return the drugs to the people he stole them from to keep everyone in the family safe.

Oh and we also learned that Nolan is still in contact with his mother, and that Danny met her during his first store robbery.

So far, we have to say that we are enjoying this season  of “Bloodline” more then we did the first season, which we found to be very slow paced and while this season also has a slower pace to it, there’s a lot more happening. Kevin is such a horrible mess this season and we never know what he’s going to do next. We can’t help but love him and want to see things work out for him, but know that he just can’t stop digging his own hole deeper and deeper. Episode grade: B

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