‘Bloodline’ season 2, episode 2 review: Will Wayne Lowry expose John Rayburn’s secret?

BloodlineIf you thought the first season of “Bloodline” had a lot of Rayburn family secrets floating around, then you will be even more excited about season 2 which is jam packed with secrets! Even Danny, from beyond the grave, has still found ways to tear the Rayburn family apart by exposing a secret of John’s to Lowry, but is the secret dark enough to get John to agree to drop the investigation on Lowry?

Danny ‘s tape reveals everything that John did to help Danny cover up the drugs and money moving in and out of the Rayburn family Inn and the evidence that John covered up for Danny. It’s enough to send John to jail for a long time and hurt his entire family. John says everything Danny said on the tape is a lie, but Lowry knows he has him.

When a waitress named Elena pops up with a lot of information on Lowry and his trafficking ring, Marco pushes to bring her into the station, but when her lawyer shows up, he makes it clear that he works for Lowry and that she has enough information to ruin John’s life if he doesn’t let her go. When they get a warrant to search Elena’s home, Meg pushes John not to pursue this, but he reminds her that even if he doesn’t, Marco will. While searching her home, John finds a picture of Elena with one of Lowry’s men and hides the evidence before Marco can see it.

John calls Meg and asks for her to come back home after learning that Danny not only sunk one of her cases, but he also created a large paper trail leading to some very shady things on Meg’s part (making it look like she bribed a witness, for the purpose of selling drugs), so she comes home. John tells Meg about everything Danny told to Lowry, and she tells John that they need to talk to Carlos to find out what’s really going on here. When John talks to Carlos, he tells John that it was Meg’s idea to bribe the witness, not Danny’s and says that all of the Rayburn’s were in on the drugs being smuggled through the Inn – threatening to put everything on them and destroy the family with his testimony. 

We also saw Kevin’s business go south when he starts losing his staff, and when his only potential investor decides not to work with him, he decides to start selling the drugs he took from Danny. After his first drug deal goes well, he’s starting to feel a bit better about life, but this is obviously going to blow up in his face at some point.

Last but not least there was Sally and Potts digging deeper into John’s secrets as they head out to Danny’s apartment in Miami. They learn from the landlord that John was there a few months back and he was there more then once. John tells Sally about Nolan and her first meeting with him doesn’t go that well as he is mouthy, rude and still hiding his reasons for being there.

This season has a lot of moving parts to it, a lot more then season 1, but they are threaded through the season quite nicely. With so much going on, this could easily be difficult to keep track of and could cause plot holes if the writers weren’t as good as they are on this show. We are still just starting to peel back the layers of deception, and it’s a delicious summer treat. Episode grade: B+

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