‘Bloodline’ season 2, episode 1 review: John, Kevin and Meg unravel keeping Danny secret hidden

BloodlineIt has been a while since we’ve had new episodes of “Bloodline” and to be honest after the way the first season was wrapped up we weren’t even sure if there was anymore story left to tell, but here we are with the premiere episode of season 2. Ready to see what the Rayburn family has in story for us this year?

Danny may be gone, but his legacy still lives on through a son named Nolan. Is he really Danny’s son? Nolan gives John all the information he has on his mother, so John can try to track her down, but she’s int he wind (Meg later finds out that her father had a secret account where he sent Nolan’s mom $5000 a month). Nolan tells John that a few months back, Danny started sending him money, but because Nolan didn’t have a place, Danny sent it to his own place in Miami for Nolan to collect. Nolan brings up the fact that all the drugs were found there and John seems to get a little nervous as to what Nolan really knows. Nolan tells John that he wasn’t in Miami in September, but John finds out he’s lying. Nolan starts snooping around John’s house for information, and finds that John is keeping secrets, but so is Nolan – he is partnered up with Danny’s friend Eric who wants to know the truth about Danny’s death.

Kevin, Meg and John are all dealing with Danny’s death in different ways. Kevin is broke, doing drugs (the drugs that Danny had) and he’s having a baby with Belle, Meg is drinking heavily and sleeping under her desk at work, and John is working on the drug case involving Danny and the ring leader Lowry (and thinking of running for Sheriff). One of the detectives, Marco, is pushing the theory that maybe someone else killed Danny, but John is pushing that it was Lowry over the drug deal gone bad.

If you thought you weren’t going to see Danny this season now that he’s dead, the show has found a way to include Ben Mendelsohn in flash backs – which we were really thankful for since we have always thought that he was the best part of this show. We got to see Danny kill a man, after John abandoned his post of watching over him and Eric and then record something on tape… is it a confession? Lowry asks to meet with John, and tells John that he didn’t kill Danny and that he wants John to make this investigation into him go away. When John says he’s not going to do that, Lowry pulls out the tape Danny made and we hear Danny’s voice telling John that he’s told Lowry something things that will make John’s life very difficult.

This season of “Bloodline” still has the same slower pace that last season had, but there seems to be a lot more happening in terms of story. Seeing the aftermath of Danny’s 3 siblings and how they are each dealing with what they have done has been interesting to see unravel. Kevin is the character we are most interested to see since his guilt is really eating away at him the most and we saw him get very close to telling Belle what they did and it’s only the first episode. So far, this is shaping up to be a great season full of layers and layers of secrets. Episode grade: B+

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