ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 8, episode 22 (finale) video: Why is Nathan Fillion’s Rick in danger?

On Monday night’s season finale of “Castle,” everything is going to come to a close when it comes to the LokSat story. We don’t know precisely how it all will end, but judging from the sneak peek below, one thing is extremely clear: Our title character (played by Nathan Fillion) is in serious danger.

In this clip, you can see Rick undergoing some rather unusual torment. It’s not torture in the sense that he is not being attacked physically for information on LokSat; instead, the nameless man interrogating him is going in more of a chemical route. He releases something into Rick’s veins that is effectively truth serum, and he will use that in order to get all of the information that he has regarding some of the major players.

At the end of this, the man claims that Castle will die. It’s not exactly a happy ending, but we have a hard to imagining that this is the ending. For one, why would ABC be giving us this clip in advance if Rick was going to be killed off minutes later?

Plus, it feels fairly clear that the character fans should really be worried about at the moment is Beckett, given that this is Stana Katic’s final episode and it is really hard to think of a situation where she could be written off the show in a way that was not her being forced apart from Rick in some sort of terrible way again. Maybe the writers will surprise us, or it’s also possible that this could end up being the last episode for the show as a whole.

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