‘Game of Thrones’ season 6: What could Rickon Stark’s return mean?

LogoYou know that you’ve got a great episode of “Game of Thrones” when you have so many shocking twists that you don’t really know what to focus on. We certainly felt this way coming out of this past new episode of the HBO mega-hit. From one vantage point, we were still buzzing and reeling over what happened to Alisser Thorne and Olly; then, we remembered that Rickon Stark was back on the show for the first time in years. This character’s whereabouts have been a mystery for so long that there were internet memes about it.

So where could we see the story go moving forward with Rickon? It’s a good question, since you have to wonder first and foremost why Smalljon Umber would want to hand him over to Ramsey Bolton. He knows what sort of man he is, and what he could do to him. Ultimately, it’s with that in mind we wonder if there is some sort of larger plot here. Who knows? Maybe Rickon’s got some sort of secret assassin training, or has been through enough at this point that he can handle Ramsey’s torment.

That’s what is so interesting about Rickon: We have no idea where he and Osha the Wilding have been all of this time. The actor behind the character in Ark Parkinson tells the Huffington Post that more than likely “he’s a lot more independent and a little bit more feral” as a result of his journey, but how will that manifest itself?

One final thing to consider with Rickon is that many Starks seem to be on a collision course right now. Sansa Stark may be moving north, while Jon Snow is heading south. Bran is also honing his powers, and he could run into them in due time. If they find Rickon, then it’s simply a matter of getting Arya back from Braavos and seeing what happens next.

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