‘Gotham’ season 2, episode 20 review: Azrael’s fight to the death; Firefly burns

Alfred -The moment that Theo Galavan was resurrected in the form of Azrael on Monday night’s new episode of “Gotham,” it seemed fairly clear to us that this was a guy who would stop at nothing to achieve his goals. However, at the same time there was potential that, much like Jerome, he would burn bright and be gone quickly. It’s what happens when you’ve got someone who is this crazy and this desperate to achieve their mission. It was easy to imagine Galavan / Azrael going tonight.

Here’s the problem: The dude was almost impossible to kill. First, Alfred (pictured above) tried, and at least slowed him down. Then, Bruce (who became his target after he started to realize who he really was) tried to run him over. Then, Jim Gordon tried to shoot him down. It took Penguin and Butch, now together again, arriving to really turn the tide on him. Galavan seems gone now (again), and the crazy thing is that the same thing goes for his sister Tabitha, who had a rather lame death given the arc she’s had this season.

Speaking of crazy, Nygma (almost) escaped! He certainly had his chance in the midst of chaos at Arkham, which culminated in Selina Kyle finally finding Bridgit … but realizing in the process that she had gone full Firefly (and not the kind that includes Browncoats). Therefore, we’re leaving this episode with Selina in deep trouble.

As a whole, this hour did continue the trend of “Gotham” delivering awesome, popcorn-worthy TV. We may even make the case for it right now as being right behind “The Flash” as the best superhero show on TV. The one bummer is that we have so many storylines, and only two episodes left for them to play out. Episode Grade: B+.

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