‘Quantico’ episode 21 review: Who is the (real) terrorist?

Quantico -When we learned on last week’s new episode of “Quantico” that Drew was supposedly the terrorist, we had one immediate reaction to it: Doesn’t this feel a little bit too easy? There were two episodes still to go, and that left open a wide array of possible twists.

Well, we got some of those tonight when we started to learn that Drew was yet another patsy, forced to do what the Voice told him in order to secure that his safety and also Alex were safe. This came in the midst of a story in the future that was all about stopping a weapon of mass destruction. For a time, it appeared as though Alex and company actually did pull this off. She even got a little bit of praise in the process! Yet, the WMD eventually went missing, and it was finally Miranda who started to put the pieces together.

In the end, Miranda found herself on the receiving end, unfortunately, of bullets from the man she now realized was behind everything seemingly: Liam. Given that we saw him shoot her, it feels pretty clear now that he’s the real person responsible for everything. We don’t know his full story just yet, but we have to assume that we’re going to get there. We just wish that the finale would be ALL future now and not of the Quantico graduation. Not to be rude towards that story, but we don’t care all that much about it. Shelby’s parents, while somewhat interesting, is really the best thing that story has had going for it as of late.

The big focus of this episode to us was the terrorist reveal, and we have to say that while we wish it happened earlier, it was certainly satisfying in setting up the finale. Grade: B.

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