‘Game of Thrones’ season 6, episode 4 review: Will Jon Snow and Sansa Stark take back Winterfell?

Game of ThronesWere you as surprised as we were to see Rickon Stark in the last episode of “Game of Thrones”? To us this has become the most interesting storyline of the season since we know what kind of man Ramsay is and we know that the Stark’s have not had the best luck in this universe. Is Rickon going to be the Stark that takes down Ramsay once and for all or will this be something that is left for Sansa later on?

Jon: Just as he readies to leave Castle Black, Brienne and Sansa show up and for the first time in a long time we saw a joyous moment in the Stark family as they hugged. Sansa suggests that they go back to Winterfell and take it back from the Boltons, but Jon is tired of fighting. Unfortunately things don’t stay positive for long when a notice from house Bolton shows up for Jon saying that Ramsay has Rickon, that he wants Sansa back and a list of all the horrible things he plans to do to everyone if he doesn’t get what he wants. Jon has about 2,000 warriors with the Wildlings behind him, but it’s still 3,000 shy of what Ramsay has. He decides that together they are going to take back Winterfell.

Jorah and Daario: The two men arrive at the city where the widows of Khal’s go to live the rest of their live to save Daenerys, but when they find her she has another plan. She faces the Dothraki counsel who are to decide her fate and she tells them that she plans to decide her own fate and it includes ruling the Dothraki. She throws pillars of fire on them burning the temple (and the Khals) to the ground with everyone locked inside – including herself. Just as we’ve seen before, when the doors open, the only person that walks through the flames is Daenerys and she has the Dothraki clan now under her rule.

The Lannisters: The High Sparrow gives Margaery a chance to go and speak with her brother and she sees that he’s in very bad shape, just a shell of the man he once was. She tries to empower him to stay strong, but he is a broken man. When it comes to Tommen, everyone is pulling him in every which direction, but it’s clear that he’s a scared young boy that just wants all the problems with the High Sparrow to go away. He tells Cersei about his talk with the High Sparrow and she in turn talks to Olenna. Cersei claims she needs to work with her and Jamie using Margaery upcoming own walk of shame as leverage. They all decide to work together to get power back, get their people back and silence the Sparrows for good.


A few other tidbits from tonight are that Ramsay killed Osha, Theon returned home to help make his sister the new ruler, Tyrion was wheeling and dealing with the slave masters and there was a brief moment of Petyr and Robin that reminded us of how much we love the moon door. We have been waiting for what was going to be the big moment this season and seeing Jon and Sansa partner up to take back their home from Ramsay is a fight that has been a long time coming! Episode grade: B+

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