‘The Good Wife’ series finale review: Peter, Alicia face their future; the second slap

Tonight on “The Good Wife,” we had to prepare for a situation we certainly were not ready for: Saying goodbye. One other thing that we weren’t quite ready for was the idea of having to say goodbye with an episode that revolved almost in its entirety around the trial of Peter Florrick.

Yet, in some way, it does still made some sense. After all, this was a great courtroom show from start to finish, and it once again proved to be the case here as Diane and the defense rallied against Connor Fox and the prosecution. The moment that we eventually saw the ballistics report, it felt clear that the jury would probably put Peter away. Yet, at the same time, taking the final offer from Fox would ensure that his political career would be over. He’d take a year of probation, but had to resign as Governor in order to do it. Eventually, Peter seemed to realize that this was the right choice for him.

One other thing that made this episode so strong was Alicia looking back while looking forward, and doing so through the lens of conversations with Will Gardner. It was great of Josh Charles to return to the finale, and actually do so in order to encourage her to move on and actually be with Jason. She still loved will, but that ship unfortunately sailed into the night years ago. She had to figure out more of what her future would be instead.

Unfortunately for her, she was not able to get a hold of Jason seemingly before having her final press conference with Peter, where he publicly resigned, and with Alicia at his side one last side. It was an ending fitting for the show, complete with one final slap, though this time it was sent Alicia’s way by Diane. Brilliant. We don’t think this ending could have been framed much better. Do we want to see Alicia with Jason? Sure, and maybe she’ll find him. That just wasn’t the focus here. Instead, it was about her finding herself, and in those closing minutes she finally freed herself of all ties and embraced something still, soft, and altogether different. Grade: A.

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