‘Big Brother Canada 4’: Are Tim Dormer, Mitch Moffit, Cassandra Shahinfar All-Star candidates?

Big Brother -We’re a matter of days away from “Big Brother Canada” being over for the season, we’re back to revive what is now a regular tradition for the show: Determining the All-Star status for the crop of contestants this time around. There’s no guarantee that Global ever opts to do this, but if they do, we at least think we’re starting to get a good collection. We don’t imagine that it’ll happen for season 5, though; we’d prefer to get one more group in there to make the field more competitive.

What’s interesting about this season in particular is that we don’t really think that there are a whole lot of locks to return, mostly because of the fact that there were so many houseguests who made it far in the game because of twists. The brothers were established on night one, Kelsey has already been given another chance, and then Tim is a total wild card in terms of what production wants to do with him.

Locks to be asked back

Cassandra Shahinfar – We want to see what a house with her and Neda would look like. This show is not really at a shortage of picking female strategists, but Cassandra was the right combination of entertaining and strategic.

Mitch Moffit – He was screwed over badly by a twist, was super-likable, and is a part of a YouTube page with a ton of subscribers. We’re not sure he would do it again just yet, but Mitch will get a phone call if there’s a season with returning players.

Strong possibilities

Tim Dormer – Were it not for the international twist, we’d say that Tim would be a lock to be asked back. With the nature of the twist being what it is, plus all of the travel / tax intricacies, we feel like there’s a good chance this is just one-and-done.

Ramsey Aburaneh – He wasn’t necessarily great TV, but after leaving the show the way he did we do think it’d be a nice gesture to give him another shot.

Loveita Adams – She may have been an early exit, but she’s in that group of people like Devin, Audrey, or Poppin’ Paul who made the live feeds incredible entertainment for the majority of the time she was around.

Remote possibilities

Joel Lefevre – There may be too many “superfan” candidates right now for Joel to have a great shot.

Maddy Pavle – She may not have been that likable, but she did provide a lot of drama this season.

Phil / Nick Paquette – We don’t really see it unless they win, and even with that we wouldn’t be shocked if producers only brought one of them back.

Nikki Grahame – Basically, we feel the same way about her as we do Tim. We just see him as a more likely returning player since he went further and played harder.

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