‘Once Upon a Time’ season 5, episode 21: Could Captain Hook, Robin Hood, or someone else die — for good?

Once Upon A TimeSunday night’s new episode of “Once Upon a Time” feels as though it’s going to be one to remember, and also one that we’re going to be worrying about constantly until it comes on the air. Based on the previews that are out there for this installment, we certainly have been led to believe that an important character could be dying, potentially for good. It certainly looks like a funeral scene is happening below.

So if someone is going to leave us tonight, who could it be? We’ve done our part to chart out the possible candidates among major characters who could be around for the chaos.

We’re most worried about…

Captain Hook – He’s already in the Underworld, seemingly trapped there. It’s hard not to imagine him just being stuck for good. One other theory is that maybe this memorial scene is actually for him, but he still finds a way to come back anyway.

Robin Hood – There have been people afraid for the character’s fate for months now. The thumbnail for the video below also doesn’t inspire confidence, and Sean Maguire really hasn’t been given much to do.

Zelena – She’s the one who has fallen the hardest for Hades, and so it’s possible she gets burned.

Remote possibilities

Hades – Would anyone really be mourning his departure, though?

Henry – This show is about happy endings, true love, and other such things. We cannot imagine them killing off a kid.

Belle – We’re always going to be somewhat worried about anyone who is so close to Rumpelstiltskin, given that he does have a tendency to make enemies.

Rumpelstiltskin – There have been times as of late in which we’ve wondered whether or not this character has any story left to tell, given that he fluctuates between evil and not-evil so often. Maybe there is one last redemption tale for him.

Seemingly safe

Emma Swan – Hey, she’s the lead of the show.

Charming and Snow White – We just don’t see how the show justifies this move to the fans.

Regina – Sure, there may be people out there who want her dead, but for it feels too much like she’s too tied to every other character to kill her off. We’d lose a lot without Lana Parrilla there.

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