‘Penny Dreadful’ season 3, episode 2 preview: The search for Ethan continues

Even when you are far away from Europe, the hunt for characters like Ethan continues on “Penny Dreadful” season 3. We’ve got the latest proof of it courtesy of the sneak peek below.

In this particular preview, Inspector Rusk does everything that he can to persuade the American authorities that he wants to continue to pursue Josh Hartnett’s character, and despite whatever cynicism they may have regarding a British man coming to their land to track him down, he feels very confident that he knows precisely where he is. Not only that, but he’s rather defiant about what should happen in the event that they try to stop him. It’s a pretty captivating preview, one that highlights what is one of the show’s best talents: Having such a robust cast of people who really fall well into their roles.

Do we think Ethan will be brought back from America so early in this season? That’s something that we see advantages and disadvantages to. You want to give him his own story (and he certainly had that during the premiere), but at the same time, you also want this show to feel as much like an ensemble as possible. To us, a rather significant part of that is finding a way to throw him and Eva Green into the same universe once more. If you are able to do that sooner, why deprive us of those Ethan – Vanessa scenes?

If you love this show (and why wouldn’t you?), rest assured that we’ll have a full review of all that after it airs.

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