‘Blue Bloods’ season 7 wishlist: What we’d like to see for Frank, Danny, Jamie, and more

Blue Bloods season 6The sixth season of “Blue Bloods” came to a conclusion on CBS Friday night, and with that we like to think that it is time to look into the crystal ball and ponder into the show’s future. Since we can’t actually see what the executive producers have planned, we have to take a somewhat-different approach here and talk instead about how one of the most under-appreciated shows on TV should continue to tell its story.

With this in mind, there are no spoilers ahead; instead, it’s all just hopes on what we would like to see when the series likely returns in the fall.

1. More Frank politics – This is something that “Blue Bloods” doesn’t really have to change, and shouldn’t. Putting Tom Selleck’s character into these ethical / moral dilemmas is something that this show does more effectively than almost any other one out there.

2. Give Frank a different intellectual rival – Thomas Wilder was a notable threat as a serial killer, but how about highlighting some other aspects of crime? Why not get him involved with a series of heists, or have him deal more in the technology space? The more murders that he tends to solve, the more they all tend to blend together.

3. More Linda – Her character really fell off the map at the end of season 6.

4. Get Jamie and Eddie together already – It’s season 7 coming up, and we don’t know how much the show has left. It doesn’t have to be made into a soap opera, but it does open up so many more storytelling possibilities, including whether or not they can continue to still be partners.

5. A new character or two – Given how much flux there is in the real NYPD, the show could benefit from introducing at least a couple of new faces into the mix.

(Photo: CBS.)

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