‘The Amazing Race 28’ episode 11 review: Who made it into finale?

Cole -

Through the majority of this season, “The Amazing Race” has given us a major comeback kid story with Sheri & Cole. While this mother / son duo has never won a leg, they’ve somehow found a way to stay alive, and been a little lucky along the way to finish last on non-elimination / to be continued legs.

So, through most of Friday¬†night’s new episode of the show, we spent a great deal of time wondering if there was a way that they could survive yet again. In terms of speed, they were still slower than the remainder of the pack; however, at the same exact time we started to see Burnie & Ashley make a mistake that was extremely rare for them throughout the race this season. They chose the more challenging of the two Detours for their skill set, and they had to make a switch. This ate up a huge amount of time, and while they still finished seemingly ahead of Sheri & Cole, they still had to make it to the Pit Stop.

Sheri & Cole did it! They didn’t give up, and they’re now one of the three teams racing for the million-dollar prize. Tyler & Korey won their fifth leg, while Dana & Matt (who worked with the winners in the first part of the leg) finished in second. We know Burnie was frustrated over being lied to at the Roadblock, but ultimately Rooster Teeth can only blame themselves. We are super-bummed given that they were probably our favorite team and as a fellow gamer, we had kinship with them. This is just how the ball bounces sometimes.

We’ll get to previewing the finale soon, but for now, let’s just say this: Has there ever been this lopsided a setup to a final leg? There’s no guarantee Tyler & Korey win, but they are set up awfully well.¬†Grade: B.

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