‘Big Brother Canada 4’ exit interview: Joel Lefevre on Nikki’s ‘winner’ comment, gameplay regrets

Joel -We’ve said this a few times now, but it was at one point almost impossible to fathom a situation where Joel Lefevre was going to get evicted from “Big Brother Canada” this week. Cassandra was such an obvious boot for Kelsey and the brothers after Tim won the Veto, and he was fairly well-liked. However, due to some of his own self-admitted mistakes and Cass’ gameplay, the tables were turned and the Edmonton-based actor / radio host was sent off to jury.

Today, we had a chance to ask Joel about his game regrets, Nikki’s comments towards him, and also being up on the block against his longtime ally.

CarterMatt – Is there any move you wish you would have done differently looking back?

Joel Lefevre – I think the one move I could have done differently was not have as many handshake deals between the midway point of the game and the end of the game, where I said I was a ride-or-die with this person or that person. Ultimately, while that protected me for a really long time, all it would take was people going up to each other and talking about me. Cass had a lot of intel on me at that point, and while she didn’t know that I was in with the brothers for a final two, when she revealed that I was in very close with [her] that raised a lot of red flags for them and proved to be my undoing.

Do you think Nikki saying that you were “the winner” on her way out put a target on your back?

I don’t think that was necessarily the #1 thing where people started thinking ‘oh, we gotta get Joel out, Joel’s gonna get a lot of jury votes.’ I don’t think it helped for sure, but I think at that point people were looking at me as someone who could potentially win in a final two situation … I think the #1 reason they kicked me out of the house was mainly just sort of a trust thing, and that I was in with so many different people in the house that nobody would have known where I stood moving into the final four.

Did being against Cassandra make it harder for you to campaign?

Being against Cassandra made it really difficult to campaign because she was my #1 ally, and lives and breathes this game as much as I do. At the same time, Cassandra’s also somebody who was very crafty and she stayed loyal to a certain group of people. It unraveled for me because I was very close to everyone in the house, and she to her credit blew that up in my face. That’s why she’s still in the house and why I’m out here.

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