‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’ episode 13 preview: Can Tai and Michele really join forces?

Tai -

The longer that Tai Trang lasts on “Survivor,” the more interesting a player he becomes. This is a guy who had severe moral quandaries about dumping water over a fire, but seems to have no problem betraying people in the game. Maybe he operates under a code, and back-stabbing is something within the confines since that’s at the foundation of the game. We certainly endorse it, provided that he can make it to the end.

Here’s what would be rather amazing to us moving into the next episode: If he and Michele actually did start to work together after Aubry and Joe decided to not go with his plan to get her out of the game. In some ways, it does make sense for the two of them to team up. Tai realizes most likely at this point that Aubry and Joe are not turning on each other, either, so he may need to find a new final three.

If these two can get Cydney on board to vote out either Aubry or Joe, it seems like a pretty open-and-shut case, especially since neither of them have an immunity idol. If one wins immunity, you vote out the other. This all seems fairly easy to sort out in the end, but there are some other elements to consider. For one, Tai is very dangerous to get near the end of the game, since he can at least claim that he played hard. Also, will Cydney or Michele trust him enough, given the multitude of times he’s flipped already? It’s one of the reasons why the end of this season could be so fascinating!

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