‘The Flash’ season 2, episode 20 review: Barry and Iris’ moment; were Jesse Quick, Kid Flash born?

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On “The Flash,” there is no shortage of people who wanted to be a hero. Wally West was ready for anything, Cisco was inching ever closer to embracing his role, and for Barry Allen, the question he was wondering was how in the world he could be a hero without his powers. He was torn on whether or not he should allow for another particle accelerator incident, and at first, he seemed to follow the advice of his father Henry: Don’t take the risk.

However, that changed when he started to realize just how much death Zoom would cause if he didn’t try. It may have been a risk for him to get his powers back, but he could not deal with all of the blood on his hands that would otherwise be there.

As for the Cisco story, Rupture turned out to be the Earth-2 version of his brother Dante, and this proved to be a somewhat-better bonding experience for him with his actual brother than what we saw last season. Dante realized just how many secrets he was keeping, and the weight some of that had on him. Also, it helps that the CCPD managed to neutralize Rupture without Barry even having to use his powers. Cisco also ended up being an asset during the particle accelerator incident in his own way.

One other aspect of this episode that we have to of course mention was the possible rebirth of WestAllen, as Iris admitted to him that she is starting to have feelings for him. Yay! Granted, it came a little bit out of nowhere. (One other observation: Henry’s got crazy white teeth for a guy in prison!) She wished him well right before Harry began the process of giving him the powers back. It was painful, and the episode certainly ended with tears given that Barry vanished after the incident was complete.

Is he dead? Don’t count on it. What we’re more curious about is what may have happened to Wally West and Jesse, who both found themselves in a dangerous position after deciding that they were ready to be heroes. Could Kid Flash and Jesse Quick be upon us? Fingers crossed. This was a heck of an ending to what was ultimately a slightly disjointed (but entertaining) hour of TV. Grade: B+.

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